Have you ever been in a dark room, content in the darkness and solitude, maybe just at the verge of falling fast asleep and just as you are about to drift into lala land, some rude person comes in and switches on the light. “Squint” You immediately react!  You may quickly close your eyes or cover your head.  The introduction of light has interupted your slumber, and to tell you the truth it is downright uncomfortable.

In John Chapter 8, Jesus is walking into a room of people who are accustom to the dark.  The people Jesus is speaking to at the temple on this particular day were comfortable in their slumber.  Their eyes had adjusted to the darkness to the point that they were able to navigate quite easily.  The only problem was…they were still in the dark.

The Pharisees, Saducees and other worshippers at the temple that day had their comfortable views of God.  Jesus barged into their room rudely flipping the switch and declaring..”I am the light of the world”.  What was their reponse?  SQUINT!   They wanted to turn the light off….it was interupting their slumber, challenging their beliefs about God.  But Jesus had come to show us what the father was really like.  Unfortunately many of these people so rejected the things Jesus was saying and teaching them that they litterally wanted to stone him to death, but in typical Jesus fashion he slipped away unscathed.

We can be pretty hard on the people at the temple that day.  After all, they had the light right in front of them, but they loved their darkness so much that they did everything they could to shade their ewyes until the light was out.  Truth is, most of us react the same way when confronted with new truth.

We deny it, fight it, wrestle with it, and SQUINT HARD!  It’s uncomfortable when our world of darkness is invaded by light.  But Jesus points out something that we all know from our own experience. 

John 8:31-32

To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

In other words….if you hold to my teachings…if you stay in the light long enough…your eyes will adjust.  Suddenly you will become aware of what the world around you is really like, you will come face to face with that truth.

THEN…(after holding onto it, staying in the light, going through the adjustment period) you will know, understand, see clearly, the truth and that truth will set you free!



~ by pastormikeadams on May 5, 2010.

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